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Jan 8, 2010 6:00am EST
by double counting savings in medicare. another part of healthcare reform was so costly that lawmakers made it a separate bill so it wouldn't inflate the cost of the health bill. >>> americans frustration with wocongress over the summer showd in the polls. whether asked to keep congress or replace lawmakers altogether, 57% said they would vote them all out. only 25% of voters would have kept the current batch of legislators. that brings us to the question of the day would you vote to keep or replace all of congress? you can sound off at face book, we will take your calls in the next hour. you can text your answer to 45203, 45a for yes, if you're in favor of keeping congress or fox 45b if you were to vote to replace them. >>> the team's chee cheerleaderl us what they have going on today. >>> well, blast part of this winter blast is pretty much over but the winter weather is not. we still have the cold weather in place, and the winter weather will pick up this afternoon. at 7:14 on a friday morning, it doesn't look as nearly as active is as it did earlier this morning. snow moving through the
Jan 28, 2010 6:00am EST
not spending for three years starting in 2011, except for funds going to national security, medicare, medicaid, and social security. >>> children at a baltimore county catholic school are doing their part to help ease the crisis in haiti. middle school students at sacred heart at lin din decided to donate their own gently used shoes to the relief effort. a girl named raquel came up with the idea after thinking of how she would feel if she was one of the survivors. >> it's hard for them, because they don't have shoes on them. and they're stepping over rubble. >> in my native language, meci, to alrcito all of you. >> raquel collected 2,000 pairs of shoes that will be shipped to haiti. >>> the program called quarters for quake victims is showing small kids that contributions can add up fast and make a difference. joel d smith is at the sacred heart school and joel, what are you doing up there. don't fall. >> reporter: it's not a problem. we're safe up here. they're real concerned about the folks in haiti. we have the haitian flag here. and kids are learning a good lesson. they're donating a penn
Jan 4, 2010 6:00am EST
to helping the residents. island. he flies into the island to provide medicare for residents. >> we take a look at the work that nichols is doing there and how much it means to his patients.. >> reporter: the chesapeake bay defines tan jeer island. >> a small patch of sand 12 miles away from the mainland. the town realizing surrounding water more commerce, its communication, and its culture. >> there's nothing phony and there's no secret. >> reporter: but it' as the bay brings live to tanjire, dr. nichols brings health. every thursday for the last 30 years the doctor has donated his time flying the 15 minutes to the island's often isolated airstrip taking the island's only cars to the clinic. an expert in medicine first brought him here to practice, the passion for its people kept him coming back. >> okay, that is good. >> reporter: everyone doubted the doc when he promised to be a regular, after all the clinic needs as much help as some of the patients, but two things wouldn't imagine all of those years ago how important he would become to all of these people. >> i like dr. nichols.
Jan 13, 2010 6:00am EST
the taxpayers. alcohol causes us to pony up money for law enforcement, and medicare some of that burden should be placed on the drinkers themselves. on the west side, jeff said it will only push sales to virginia, delaware and d.c. at a loss of businesses sales tax collection. tax more get less. >> don't tax it because we're all going to need alcohol for after we get all of these taxes. that's another interesting point. >>> coming up to at fox 45 morning news, a little nip and tuck for mom. >> i wanted to feel better for myself. >>> the total makeover being offered by some plastic surge surgeons. >>> i don't like getting up in the morning. >>> but coming up next the alarm clock that is hard to ignore. why you won't be able to simply >>> we all love a good chance to sleep in, but snoozing through the alarm clock when you're not supposed to is a bad dream come true. one product promises to get you will get up on the right side of the bed no matter what. we put the clocky to the will it work test. >> beep, beep. >> it's the sound we all love to hate. >> i don't like getting up in the morning. >>
Jan 14, 2010 6:00am EST
and an effort to fix costs to medicare all which add to the cost but are not counted. >> we believe the american people need to understand that the cost to government state and federal is $2.1 trillion. >> perhaps we should call this the mark mcgwire bill. >> because spending his own steroids and there's no trance appearancey. >>> the pez wasn't there the entire time but the meeting at the white house went hours. they are having a problem getting a bill passed at all. >>> senator ben cardin will meet with seniors to update them on the healthcare. he will speak at cockeysville at 7:00 tonight. >>> coming up baltimore prepares for a new mayor. how that could affect the state residents. >> people in haiti struggle to dig out after an earthquake rocks the country, >>> stocks rebounded wednesday spurred on by tech and financial stocks. the s&p 500 posted solid gains. google is telling china end up or we're out of here. they may shut it down, claiming that china launched a cyber attack. the internet giant say it won't self censor reach results something the chinese government insists on. >>> they made
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5